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KZN Rural Crafts
~ unique woven, copper wire & beaded objects ~  
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Sizwe Umoya
Meaning - The Helping Wind - in the Zulu language.
The unique and beautiful products made by the group, Sizwe Umoya, are hand woven by Zulu women and men in the rural areas of Northern KwaZulu Natal, a province of South Africa.

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Baskets Decorations Bangles & Accessories

The Zulu tribes are famous for their weaving skills, traditionally weaving reeds and grass into baskets and mats.
Theses skills have been applied to 100% pure copper wire, mined in the copper mines of South Africa. This metal was regarded as more precious than gold.

The resulting artworks- woven bangles, bowls, brooches and Christmas lights, are dazzling. Each piece is carefully hand crafted. 2010 All Rights reserved.
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